Practical Colour Mixing Course


If you are really fed up mixing ‘mud’ and wasting expensive paints, why not take our ‘Practical Colour Mixing Course’? It’s very easy to follow and your work will start to improve from your next painting.

The course is available in two versions:

  • For watercolours, gouache and thinly applied acrylics. Exercises on 140lb acid free watercolour paper
  • For oils or heavily applied acrylics. Exercises printed on acid free simulated canvas

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The DVD Successful Colour Mixing our Mixing Palette and our Artist’s Quality Paints are optional but would be very useful. (These products are not included as so many artists already possess them).


Additional information


Text printed in full colour on heavy weight art paper

Exercise sheets

25 printed exercise sheets: 140 lb acid/free watercolour paper, 25 printed exercise sheets: acid free textured oil painting paper

Presentation binders

Presentation binder with protective translucent sleeves

Teaching Aids

Laminated Colour Bias Wheel, Printed laminated practice mixing palette

Prolene Brush

No. 8 'Michael Wilcox' Round brush


Not included with the course

Written by

Michael Wilcox


School of Colour Publishing

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Watercolours, Oils


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