The School of Colour Affiliate Program

The Michael Wilcox School of Colour Affiliate program offers a way for art teachers, art clubs, artist groups, art demonstrators and bloggers to obtain art books and art materials simply by recommending us on their website, email list, social networks, blogs, or in articles and on art forums.

Our affiliate program is completely free and it only requires a few minutes to set up an account. Once registered, you can begin earning store credit with minimal effort – the program basically runs itself.


  • For every order placed by a student, club member or fellow artist through your link you will receive a 10% Store Credit.
  • The store credit will be available to purchase School of Colour books, courses, mixing palettes, brushes and artists paints etc.
  • Such products might be for your own use or sold to students, fellow artists or club members.

As an incentive, those ordering products via your link will receive a 5% discount on their purchases.


Getting started is simple:

  1. Sign Up here to the Michael Wilcox School of Colour Affiliate Program
  2. Select or create your marketing materials (banner, text ad, etc…)
  3. Publish your link online, on your website, blogs or Facebook, etc.

Terms and Conditions

Click here to read the terms and conditions.

How do I join the Affiliate Program?

Just complete this simple form.

Our Affiliate Manager will review your application within 24 working hours and get back to you through email.


How does the Affiliate Program work?

After signing up, you will  be provided with an Affiliate Account Dashboard which contains encoded text links, banner ads and other marketing materials that you can use to promote the School of Colour products. Once you place a link or banner advert on your website, blog entry or email etc and someone clicks your link they will be taken to the School of Colour website.  All orders placed will earn the 10% store credit.


Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

No, it is free to join our affiliate program, and there is no minimum sales level.


Can I refer myself?

If you join our affiliate program and use the affiliate link to purchase for your own personal use you will not receive the store credit.


Art Teachers

If you use the School of Colour products in your teaching and a class is coming together you can suggest a ‘shopping list’ so that your students arrive with the correct paints, palette, workbook etc. The School of Colour frowns on ‘hard sell’ but advice to students can be a great help.   At the same time you will accumulate store credit.


Art Students

If you are preparing for a class or workshop based on colour mixing, colour harmony etc. and your teacher is a School of Colour Affiliate you will be given an automatic 5% discount on any purchases made if you simply click on your teacher’s link.


Art Clubs and Art Groups

When art exhibitions come round it can be expensive to purchase prizes for the various winners. Simply by announcing to members that the club is a School of Colour Affiliate the resulting store credit will enable the purchase of suitable prizes such a full set of paints, books or a colour coded mixing palette.


Art Demonstrators, bloggers and others with a following of artists.

If you demonstrate any School of Colour products in your explanations and mention that you are an Affiliate with us you could be earning store credit a long time after your demonstration or explanation.